Anxiety in Pregnancy: How Acupuncture Can Help

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As I write this, I am 5 months pregnant with my second child, and I have anxiety.

It’s not that I’m just nervous or stressed. I am having anxiety attacks during (and because of) my pregnancy. With my history of anxiety attacks, I should have known right away that it was time to get in for some acupuncture.

Here is some backstory to this blogpost: I just finished watching the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and there is a line in the movie that really jumped out at me. Elizabeth Banks’ character spent years trying to conceive and wanted the magical pregnancy experience that everyone talks about, only to discover that her pregnancy makes her miserable. Her exact words are “I call bullshit on the whole thing.”

10014071_ml1-300x201When I was pregnant with my first child, I had the glow. Sure I was sick in my first trimester, but it was comforting because I knew everything was alright. By the end of my pregnancy, I actually loved being pregnant so much that I told my husband I would consider being a surrogate when we were done having babies.

This time, I do not have the glow. In addition to my 1st trimester nausea and my terrible anxiety, I started having insomnia which made the nausea and anxiety worse. An old tailbone injury flared so badly that I could barely walk. I was fatigued. I was also feeling so much less connected to this baby.

Even with all of my health knowledge, including the fact that treating women for these ailments during their pregnancy is one of my specialties, it took me almost 3 months to get treatment. My hormones are reacting in a completely different way than they did in my first pregnancy, and without getting acupuncture, I don’t know if things would have gotten better.

So what does this have to do with you?

I want you to know that I know what you are going through. Pregnancy is not all butterflies and roses for everyone. After treating many many pregnant women over the years, I have noticed that anxiety is one of the staples of most pregnancies. Sometimes it is mild and focuses on worries about getting to that 12-week ultrasound; the question of that weird pain or some spotting. It might center around a blood test or genetic test. Other times it is simply the anxiety of the unknown — knowing your life will change, but not really knowing how or when.

For some of you the anxiety you are experiencing during your pregnancy is crippling.

It makes your pregnancy completely unenjoyable. It makes you feel like you are already failing as a mother before the baby is even born. It makes it difficult to connect with the growing miracle inside of you. It makes it nearly impossible to sleep.

There is an answer. Acupuncture can help. It is what has turned my pregnancy around for me. This is a time of intense hormonal changes, and is also a time of intense questioning of yourself and of what is happening to your body. There is no manual on how to do it right. No two pregnancies are the same… not even two pregnancies in the same body. What is important is that you have the support that you need around you.

Acupuncture is all about bringing harmony where there is imbalance. If your hormones are out of balance, I can help you safely balance them. When I treat pregnant women in my practice we also spend a lot of time going over what is “normal” and what signs and symptoms are ones that should have you calling your doctor. We also discuss how dietary changes, exercise and meditation can help. I listen to all of your concerns and then we treat them. All of them. If you are having anxiety, we will treat it. Back pain? Sore hips? All part of the treatment. Nausea? Constipation? Did you get a cold or the flu? I treat all of it holistically. Acupuncture will help calm your anxiety and keep you sane through your pregnancy.  Head to my website and schedule your free 20 minute consultation today.