Notes from a Portland Acupuncturist: How Acupuncture + IVF can Improve your Chances of Pregnancy

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Portland acupuncture and IVFAcupuncture has been linked to greater pregnancy rates in patients who undergo IVF.

As a Portland Acupuncturist specializing in fertility I have assisted many women before and during the IVF process. I have seen the benefits of combining these two therapies.

IVF can bring a host of mixed emotions and physical issues. Women often feel equal parts hopeful and fearful about the process. They are looking for help in making sure that they have the best possible chance at conception. This means eating well, exercising moderately, and trying to minimize the stress that surrounds the process. There can also negative side effects to contend with because of fertility medications.

At Solstice Natural Health, we have years of experience working with women undergoing IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Therapies. We use proven acupuncture protocols, individualized treatment, and custom nutrition guidance. This care combination helps you reach the best possible outcome. We’ll guide you through the process in the most relaxed state of mind possible. 


Why get acupuncture for IVF?


In 2002 a large study came out that showed that

acupuncture given directly before and directly after embryo transfers greatly increases pregnancy rates.

Fertility clinics in and around my Portland, OR practice know acupuncture helps. They’ve responded by making it easy for an acupuncturist to come into the clinic to do pre- and post-transfer treatments. I am happy to provide this service, and if you are in need of having someone attend your transfer, you can email me to set up your appointment.

Is acupuncture only helpful the day of transfer?

Acupuncture provides a whole host of benefits for patients looking to improve outcomes of their fertility treatments. In fact, it is recommended to begin treatment 3-6 months prior to the onset of the IVF.  This allows so you to be at your healthiest point during the process.

This time frame also give us a chance to treat any of the issues that may have been impeding your fertility.

We can treat PCOS, guide you with custom nutrition plans to help you lower your BMI, or help get your blood sugars under control. We can help you tackle your ongoing insomnia, and ease your anxiety about your fertility.

Acupuncture has also been shown to be as effective as Clomid in helping anovulatory women ovulate. The benefits to beginning a program that includes acupuncture several cycles prior to an IVF protocol are innumerable.

If you live in the Portland area and are interested in having an experienced fertility acupuncturist join your team as you prepare to undergo IVF or other ART, schedule your free consult or new patient appointment now.