Notes from a Portland Acupuncturist: Why You Need a Spring Detox

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This detox is about you.

It is about discovering how good you can feel.

It is about you reconnecting with your body and noticing how the food that you eat makes you feel — not just how it affects your digestion, but how it affects your headaches, sleep, and mood. 

Food is medicine, which means that it has a powerful affect on your body and mind. The right foods can help you power your body optimally, it can help manage disease, it can help minimize your allergies, improve your energy, and help you lose stubborn weight.

Acupuncture Portland: Spring DetoxThis does not mean, however, that to eat healthy food you need to be deprived of good tasting food that also fulfills you emotionally. Portland suits me not only because I’m an acupuncturist and this is an acupuncture-friendly town, or because there are so many amazing outdoor activities close by, but because it is a foodie town. I love good food. I am not one to deprive myself of food that tastes good, and this detox will show you that you don’t have to. Sure, you’ll be asked to cut out some main offenders — think sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol — but that does not mean you have to forgo all sweet, creamy, rich, and delicious foods.

The goal of any good detox is to make changes that can help reset your body and your health so that your body’s wisdom can return. That means some sacrifice for a short period of time (10 days to be exact). But during that time you will learn how to eat food that nourishes your body, how to avoid foods that drag you down, and how to do all of this and still be satisfied by the taste.

Why Detox?

Everyone needs a break, and that is exactly what a detox is — a break from the foods and influences that don’t make you feel good.


You deserve to feel good, to have lots of energy, to be pain-free, to lose weight. Eating the right foods can help you reach those goals. 


For instance, you might have dealt with bloating  for years. You might be bloated all the time but because it has become your baseline you don’t even notice it anymore. During this detox, the bloating could very well disappear. Then, upon reintroducing foods after the detox, you may discover the food that makes you feel bloated. Let’s say it’s dairy. Now that you are armed with this information, you get to choose: Cheese? or Fitting comfortably into your pants?

Ultimately, doing a detox can help you regain control over your health.


During this 10 day whole foods detox:

  • You will learn which foods you need to avoid to feel your best.


  • You will learn how to listen to the messages your body is giving you so that you recognize the effects that foods have on you.


  • You will learn the positive impact eating delicious and nutritious food will have on your energy, mood, sleep, pain, and weight.


  • You will feel great.


This detox will offer you a 10 day break from the foods that muddle your body. You will get instructions on how to prepare for the detox, what foods to buy and what foods to clean out of your kitchen. You will get recipes, meal plans, and email support. You will learn about your body and about the importance of the food that powers it. You will learn how to make food that is delicious and nutritious.

Most importantly, you will feel great.

Ready for more information? Ready to sign up? The Spring Detox kick-off begins June 2nd. Don’t wait any longer to feel great.