Acupuncture + Herbs + Nutrition = Whole Body Health.

Acupuncture in Portland: This is not one-size-fits-all health care. Providing custom health care since 2007.


You want stress relief.
You want to have a baby.
You want to get out of pain.
You want to get rid of your headaches.

You have come to the right acupuncture clinic.


Solstice Natural Health acupuncture clinic combines years of expertise, a comprehensive and holistic view of all of your health concerns, and individualized effective treatment. You want results, and we will deliver.

Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs, nutrition) works on your body on a very physical level, while also accessing and harmonizing your energy and your spirit. This is not woo-woo medicine.

This is Medicine. This is health care aimed at supporting your fertility, getting rid of your migraines, minimizing your back pain, helping you minimize your Hashimoto’s symptoms. In short — we help you feel better.


At Solstice Natural Health you will have someone by your side to help you wade through all of the what-ifs and all of the mountains of health information out there. You will be treated like a person, not a disease, and you will be given the tools you need to feel good: to get out of pain, to improve your fertility, to sleep better, stress less.

You are here because you are ready to feel better.
Make the leap.

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