“I just want to thank you for everything. Not just the treatments, but also your support through my crazy journey. I remember talking with my mom about trying acupuncture for fertility, since getting pregnant was taking longer than I had hoped. I met you when I was at probably the lowest point in my life, and you helped give me hope. Then going through another tragedy with my miscarriage, you once again supported me. I truly believe your treatments helped me get pregnant and I’m so grateful! I won’t ever forget the impact you made on my life.”  — HC

  “When searching for alternatives to pills, I found Erin. She has treated me for several different complaints but has focused on dizziness, hot flashes and headaches. I have suffered sine my teenage years with dizziness and thought that I would just have to live with it. But that is not true. I was encouraged to try acupuncture and found Erin. I see her regularly for treatment and as a result of her commitment to finding a resolution to my health issues, I have had great results. My dizziness is under control, I seldom have a hot flash and the headaches have all but disappeared! I highly recommend Erin to anyone searching for a health professional who is dedicated to finding the best treatment and encouraging her patients to follow an at-home plan to make sure that the issues are kept at-bay. And, they work! I would trade many of my care providers in for another one but not my acupuncturist!”  — JH

“I have known Erin for a few years now and, if I think about someone or a service I want to review, her name comes to mind. Everyone should know how talented she is. She is gentle, intuitive, knowledgeable, a treasure of information, present, patient, etc, etc. I could go on but will stop and say two things: If you are looking for a great acupuncturist and more – please have one session with her. And two: I researched acupuncturists and seen a lot of them before Erin. I’m glad I chose her. I now have a 2 year old (at 43) when not many were giving me hope… I continue to see Erin because it pays back in so many ways. Thank you Erin!”  — GF

“Erin is one of the angels in my life. She has a calm and gentle, but straightforward and knowing way. As soon as I enter into Erin’s treatment room I am able to take a deep breath and exhale relief. I have experienced acupuncture and acupressure with Erin, and I drink her effective and not-too-bad-tasting Chinese herbs. ? Working with Erin has made a tremendous difference in my health and well being, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve the quality of their life.”  — JG

“I came to Erin at Solstice Natural Health about 5 months ago. Having had successful treatments before, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong, she is so much more than a Acupuncturist! A born healer! We spend quite a bit of the time talking. She has a naturally friendly and calming bedside manner. She REALLY listens! After experiencing the routine eye roll and dismissive attitudes I experienced from my Family Practitioners, it has been overwhelmingly welcome change to have someone respectfully listen and give credit to, knowing my own body. Erin’s supportive care has done wonders for my ongoing pain, GI issues, and the unfortunate hormonal imbalance from being peri menopausal. I have been under her care for a few months now and cannot explain in words alone, the help she has been to me. Highly recommend! I haven’t seen this much improvement in my over all health with ANY western approach. I feel more balanced. I have more energy, I have less migraines and overall less pain! I have given up my pain meds and am living a more active and healthier life. If it wasn’t for Erin, I would still be anxious, depressed, on pain meds and still in pain!”  — TR

“I started seeing Erin because my doctor told me I had endometriosis and I was in constant pain and unable to eat anything, I lost 37 lbs. My Doctor was not doing a very good job of managing my pain so I decided to try something different. I have seen a few other acupuncturists around the area but found that Erin was so down to earth and genuinely cared about what I was dealing with. I felt better after my first 3 treatments. Erin is very knowledgeable and gentle with the needle placement. Since not one of my doctors cared that I was not eating and loosing so much weight Erin needled me up and got me able to eat a few things again. I know that her treatments kept me going. ”  — AP

“I started seeing Erin when I was four months pregnant with my son. I looked into acupuncture because I wanted a natural solution to the physical discomforts of carrying a child as well as the anxiety that comes along with it. I instantly felt comfortable and in good hands with Erin. Her warm and understanding approach to her patients and her extensive knowledge of eastern medicine continues to provide me a place of well being, even after the birth of my son. I highly recommend Erin as your neighborhood acupuncturist.”  — TF

“This review is WAY overdue! I have a two month old baby and started seeing Erin when I was 12 weeks pregnant. At the time I was suffering from some awful morning sickness and went to her out of desperation. To be honest, I wasn’t confident that her treatments would give me much, if any, relief but let me tell you after the first appointment I was feeling so much better! I had my good days/weeks and bad but I saw Erin religiously throughout my entire pregnancy. She was able to help with everything from morning sickness, to heartburn, back and hip pain, and anxiety! Not to mention she is incredibly caring and easy to talk to. You can tell that she is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about people. At the end of my pregnancy, my little babe was 5 days late and (at my wits end) with the threat of drug induction, I went to Erin for acupuncture induction. I am certain that her treatment helped me go into labor which happened the very next day! She’s highly recommended!!”  — LS

“At the advice of my doctor, I began seeing Erin at Solstice Acupuncture a couple months ago for help with getting pregnant. It was not my first time trying acupuncture, but has definitely been the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had with this practice. Trying to conceive can be so bewildering and stressful, and the information available is often contradictory, confusing, or incomplete. Erin gives me the opportunity to ask countless questions, learn the many everyday ways in which I can support my fertility through diet and herbs, and have a confidante and as I move through this process.

Erin brings a vast knowledge of fertility and reproductive concerns to her practice, as well as an experienced and comfortable command of Chinese Medicine. She has an uncanny gift for sensing and identifying just the right points, and her application of needles is gentle. She brings a warmth and engagement to her appointments and throughout the course of my treatment we have tackled sleep issues, pain from old injuries, stress, and anxiety. I very much look forward to every appointment and feel, as a whole, far more educated, confident in the process, and in touch with myself than when I started. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”  — RL

“My chiropractor recommended Erin from Solstice Natural Health without hesitation. She’d worked with Erin and said that she was the best for fertility. I was skeptical. How could somebody sticking me with needles make me ovulate? It seemed impossible. My first visit with Erin was spent mostly talking. She asked a lot of questions and listened carefully to everything I said. My health was not great. My eating and exercise habits were…how do you say? Crappy. As a result, my blood sugar and BMI were too high. I was depressed and anxious but I wasn’t even admitting it myself. I knew I needed help and support but didn’t know where to begin. I started seeing Erin once a week. In the beginning, I was tense during the acupuncture treatments. The needles didn’t hurt like most people assume but just laying there with needles in me, I couldn’t relax. I kept going anyway because I trusted Erin. She offered advice about nutrition and talked to me about balancing hormones and PCOS. She encouraged me to work with my primary care provider to have blood tests that would help rule out certain fertility issues. Two months in, I started experiencing some unintended effects. I felt better. Stronger. I had more energy. I wasn’t depressed and anxious and I was connected to my body in a way that I didn’t ever remember being. After four months of treatments including Erin’s custom herb formulas, I started ovulating! I was ecstatic. For too long, I’d felt like my body was broken and that it was all my fault. Erin’s ongoing treatments and support filled me with the energy I need to make better choices for my health and my body and those choices were paying off! Six months in, Erin was taking my pulse prior to treatment, as she always does. She asked me what day I’d said I was in my cycle. I hadn’t said but I was on day 32. She asked if I’d taken a pregnancy test which she’d never asked before. I hadn’t taken a test. I was too skeptical. When your hormones aren’t balanced, your cycles are irregular. It was true that the previous two cycles had been exactly 28 days, but I wasn’t hopeful. Several more days passed before I took Erin’s advice. I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant!!! I took three more tests to be sure. I emailed Erin immediately and asked how she knew. She told me that she suspected as soon as she felt my pulse. She knew before I did! The OB/GYN I met with before I started acupuncture was awful. She dismissed me completely and only wanted to talk about drugs and c-sections. In hindsight, I should probably thank that terrible doctor because her disgust and disrespect served as a catalyst for me ending up exactly where I needed to be. Now I’m 19 weeks into my pregnancy and feeling great. I know much of that has to do with the care and support I continue to receive from Erin. I’m overwhelmingly grateful and can’t recommend Solstice Natural Health enough!”  — JMC

“I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful pregnancy. And everything [labor] was totally natural, mainly because it was sooooooo fast! Thank you so much for all of your help along the way – I couldn’t have done it without you!!” — LB