Effective Postpartum Acupuncture in Portland

The 4th Trimester is a lovely, delicate, and trying time for a new mother. The baby learns how to live and thrive outside the safety of the womb, and the mom tries to figure out how to care for the baby and herself. Life takes on a whole new perspective for postpartum women.

We see images of instant love-at-first-sight when we watch television shows and movies featuring birth. Mom stares into baby’s face and cries then swells with a love she never knew was possible. For some of you, that’s how it will happen or how it did happen. 

For others of you, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The postnatal period is different for every woman; every experience is unique. While some experience the postpartum symptoms promoting more bonding between mother and child, others experience difficulties such as postpartum depression.

The truth is what we are all about at Solstice Natural Health: Your Truth.

Whether your pregnancy was that of a glowing goddess or you hated every second. Whether your labor and delivery were magical, smooth, lovely, or you have deep battle scars both physically and emotionally. Your Truth is valuable.

Believe in Your Truth about your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. You will carry Your Truth with you for the rest of your life. You deserve to have support to assimilate all of the changes that have happened over the past year (or more if you had fertility issues).

Traditional Chinese medicine therapies such as acupuncture treatment, herbal medicine, and nutrition can be key factors in helping you heal. They allow you to build energy, get out of pain, and increase your milk supply. They help you move forward so that you can be the best mom, partner, friend, colleague, and woman you can be now and in the future.

How does acupuncture help in the postpartum period?

Postpartum acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine therapies can improve treatment outcomes for postpartum women. Clinical study reveals that postpartum acupuncture therapy can be a mainstay of postpartum care for the mother’s body, and treatment effects can reduce the impact of negative issues for new moms.

Following childbirth, the new mother can experience a variety of symptoms (with which acupuncture treatment can help), including depression and the postpartum blues. The anxiety some women feel before giving birth can carry over or evolve in the postpartum weeks.

I treat a wide variety of postpartum issues, including:

  • Mastitis
  • Low milk supply
  • C-section scar therapy
  • Night sweats
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety (postnatal depression and anxiety)
  • Body pain
  • Menstrual issues
  • Birth trauma recovery
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Depression-related insomnia

Postpartum Depression in Postpartum Women: Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help

Treating postnatal depression and the recommended treatment frequency for acupuncture treatments is something to do in conjunction with your mental health support professional. Treating postpartum depression with acupuncture is a promising treatment and underscores how physical pain is connected to mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression. A staple of Traditional Chinese medicine, postpartum acupuncture can be an effective treatment.

Per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), up to 20 percent of women may experience postpartum depression. I believe that no one should have to suffer in silence and that everyone experiencing postpartum depression should have access to acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture Treatment, Benefits, and Effectiveness

This modality can help ease your tight muscles and regulate your hormones, but it can also help you reconcile any traumas you might have experienced and any grief you might feel. These methods can help boost your energy to deal with all you have to do.

Use acupuncture therapy to help boost milk production and ease the flow of milk so that you are less prone to clogged ducts and mastitis. Other patients have used this treatment and approve! It’s definitely something I recommend for new mothers.

Herbal Medicine Use and Safety During the Postpartum Period

Custom prescribed Chinese medicine herbs, when prescribed by a certified herbalist, are incredibly safe, and they help increase milk supply, treat postpartum mood disorders, and ease menstrual issues. The Chinese medicine herbs I prescribe for patients are based on formulas that have been safely used for thousands of years in breastfeeding moms. 

It is my promise that I only prescribe herbs that are proven safe for new moms and that I will never prescribe anything to a nursing mother that I would not have taken myself while I was breastfeeding. Herbal medicine is often used in conjunction with acupuncture therapy for a more complete system of medicine.


Eating the right foods is vital for your and your baby’s health, and I can help you find healthy, easy foods to keep your energy up while you are overwhelmed or exhausted. The proper diet will complement Chinese medicine well. Good nutrition may aid in improving milk supply and can often be a key component of dealing with a colicky baby. Getting the appropriate vitamins is also essential to combating postnatal depression during postpartum care.

You Deserve Postpartum Care with Chinese Medicine and Postpartum Acupuncture Treatment

Depression symptoms are sometimes connected to nutrition, and women who have recently experienced childbirth require nutritional support in the weeks and months following childbirth. Your support shouldn’t drop after pregnancy: treatment should continue as needed, with weeks of postpartum therapy. Pain may remain or change for a new mother rather than go away, and it’s critical for her to get the support and postpartum care she needs.

Do you want to Thrive in the Postpartum Period? Treatment has many benefits, including alleviation of postpartum symptoms and support that complements Western medicine.

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