Notes from a Portland Acupuncturist: 5 Ways that Acupuncture will Stop your Headaches

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Acupuncture can stop headaches. In fact, 90% of the time if a patient currently has a headache when they come see me at my downtown Portland acupuncture practice, their headache will be gone by the time they leave. This isn’t … Read More

Notes from a Portland Acupuncturist: How Acupuncture + IVF can Improve your Chances of Pregnancy

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Acupuncture has been linked to greater pregnancy rates in patients who undergo IVF. As a Portland Acupuncturist specializing in fertility I have assisted many women before and during the IVF process. I have seen the benefits of combining these two … Read More

Portland Acupuncturist Talks Natural Allergy Relief

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Today, let’s take a break from the inflammatory series to address an emergency in Portland —you need to start getting acupuncture to treat your allergies. Now. This week, KATU reports that your very own Eugene (and Portland is close behind) is … Read More

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